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Reconstructed Old Saxon Heathenry

Years ago the Sahsginotas project was started and abandoned by an enterprising Heathen who wanted to provide his community the sources they were lacking. I was inspired by this project to start my own blog. While others may know the faith by the name Aldsidu, meaning “ancient tradition”, I have formed the name Ostriuwi, meaning “faith in the Gods”, to distinguish my faith from one filled with misinformation.


“This site is meant to be a resource for Old Saxon heathens like myself. It grew out of an attempt to simply organize the bits and pieces of information gathered over the past several years. Within the current Ásatrú community the emphasis is primarily on the recreation of the Old Norse and Anglo Saxon versions of the faith. A small minority however, is interested in the continental branches which include the Old Saxon and Gothic variants.”


The Author

Hildebrand is a young Heathen who wants to foster a community where his tradition can grow.